Debt Repayment Program

Even with good intentions, debt can become unmanageable over time. As an alternative to bankruptcy, we can arrange a repayment schedule with your creditors, enabling you to repay your debts within your ability.

This usually means lower monthly payments and decreased interest rates. Clients make monthly payments to Family Service PEI and we disburse the money to your creditors. Creditor calls and other collection activity often stop once the debt repayment plan is established.

In the end, this allows you to repay all of your debts, get back on track and save thousands of dollars in interest.

Here are some of the benefits of our Debt Repayment Program, that you are unlikely to find elsewhere:

  • No start-up fees
  • Covers all unsecured debt
  • Access to your counsellor for the whole program
  • Decreased interest rates
  • No more calls from creditors

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