Group Counselling

Life isn’t always fair. Things don’t always turn out as planned.

Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones having a hard time… But sometimes the most helpful thing is to share ideas and struggles with others.

Our groups provide individuals with a comfortable setting for sharing. Our hope is that by connecting, listening, and talking with others you will learn from their experiences and successes. An experienced and skilled therapist facilitates all groups. The therapist will offer new ideas and perspectives on a wide range of topics.

We are continually striving to find external funding a sponsorship for our group counselling sessions, so they are affordable and accessible to all Islanders. Unfortunately, the lack of stable funding for group counselling means that we often do have to charge client fees to offset the costs of delivering the program. Efforts are made to ensure these fees are kept as low as possible, and that this is most economical way for clients to receive help.

All group sessions require that you first meeting with the therapist for a one-to-one screening session that allows us to ensure group counselling is a good option for your situation.

Upcoming Groups:

Aging Well: Making the most of your senior years

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